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Gestetner MP 2501SP

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Đặt hàng qua điện thoại: 0123.5335.999
Resolution 600 dpi
Maximum paper size A3
Copy speed (min / min) 4.5
Number of copies is  999
Max magnification (%) 400
Maximum zoom (%) 25
Paper tray capacity (sheets) 550 x 2
Boot Time (s) 30
Network printing, color scanning over the network
Automatically select paper size
Electronic divider
Power Search
System reuse waste ink
Duplex automatic two-sided islands

- There are a variety of machines to meet all your needs of photo, print, scan. Phu Son has a range of A5 to A4 speed from 20 to 85 copies per minute. Especially Phu Son has a printer, photo A0 to A2.
There is a modern copier, in addition to the copier function, also has the function of LAN printing, A3, A4, double sided scanning.
- There are perfect services to meet the needs of customers, warranty, maintenance, lifelong.
- There is a professional technical team, enthusiastic always ready to meet the work quickly, troubleshoot after 2 hours in the inner city of Hanoi. Have a team of business, customer care friendly, enthusiastic.
- There is a free support program for the customer training manual of the photo machine, how cleaning machine cleaning, how to replace some basic consumable materials.
- There are manuals, technical service in Vietnamese.
- Delivery, installation, manual use completely free throughout the contract period.
- Technical support, troubleshooting to take place within 2 - 4 hours within the city of Hanoi.
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